Blushing octopi

photo (30)




My first post….

J & D had invited us over for dinner. They have two little twin boys who are a joy to spend time with. Smart, sweet and active! They also LOVE cake. I wanted to take them something that each could enjoy, equally, with no fights breaking out.

So here’s what I made- chocolate cup cakes with little fondant toppers on each. These are twin octopi made from pink fondant. I coloured white Satin Ice with pink food colouring.

I took two lemon sized balls and made the heads. I added 8 tentacles for each octopus and left everything to dry overnight. I also made two little yellow duckies, two boats and two cute crabs, but I’ll post those later.

The boys were thrilled, and the octopi did not last long 🙂

Gone under 60 seconds!



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