Rainbow connection

Fondant Rainbow


My heart leaps up when i behold a rainbow in the sky!

Or even in a cake, or on one too….

I love rainbows! And colours- ok most colours. Blue most of all. And green. Definitely mauve. And pink… Its embarrassing being a grown woman who loves pink.

Anyway, this post is on a rainbow topper for a cake. That I’m making.

I found a wonderful tutorial on Cakes Decor.

Take Satin Ice fondant add gumtex, CMC or tylose and divide it into six balls. Colour each ball with gel colours (you could use liquid food colours, but it’ll be stickier and take longer to dry). I used purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Roll each ball into a long pencil, then smoothen using a cake smoother. Starting with the red, lay the rope of fondant around a small straight sided bowl, forming a semi circle. Brush a tiny bit of water onto the sides of the red rope and then lay the orange along it. Follow with all the other colours, ending with the purple.

Use a ruler and a sharp knife to cut the ends off. Gently insert a toothpick into the green rope on both sides. This is what will go into the cake and keep the rainbow upright.

Let the rainbow air dry for a day or two until firm. In the mean while form clouds out of white fondant.Just roll balls in different sizes and mush together.

Insert the rainbow onto your frosted cake and add the clouds.


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