Cinderella Cookies

It’s disconcerting to lose a whole day in one’s life. And when that day disappears, not because you were caught in a time warp and taken back in history, but because of mundane travel between continents, it somehow seems worse.

Anyway more on that later, right now I need to get this written and posted before midnight! That is why ‘Cinderella cookies’!

“Why midnight?” you may wonder…’s because A lot on your plate has a fun challenge! A “use what you’ve got, bake-off”. And today is the last day 🙂

When I went to gather my ingredients after 20 days away from my kitchen, it was literally “use what there is”!

I decided to make these chewy cherry-chocolate cookies, because I’d bought some dry bing cherries from my visit to a Costco (a first!). Hell, the Costco was almost as fascinating as a visit to the Florida Everglades!

I cast around for my ingredients. Butter, check. Brown sugar, check. Egg, check. But when it came to the flour, there was a mere 1/2 cup. I debated abandoning the project, but suddenly realized that this was a “use what you’ve got” challenge.

Digging through my kitchen cabinets, I found wheat flour (a staple in most Indian homes) and corn flour. Bingo! I could do this.

These cookies came together in record time. They are not too sweet, with a smattering of salt, tart chewy cherries and white chocolate chips.


Butter 1 cup/ 200g
Brown sugar 1 cup
Egg 1, lightly beaten
All purpose flour 2 1/4 cups ( I used wheat flour and corn flour also to make up the quantity)
Baking powder 1 tsp
Dried cherries 3/4 cup, chopped into chunks
White chocolate chips 3/4 cup
Coarse salt for sprinkling over


Melt the butter. When done, add the sugar to it.

Add the beaten egg. Mix well, then add the flour(s) and the baking powder all at once. Mix well.

Now add the chopped cherries and the chocolate chips. Stir until incorporated.

The dough will be soft, but not sticky.
Make small balls and put on a parchment lined baking sheet, with an inch between the cookies. Sprinkle salt over the top.

Bake for 8-10 minutes until cookies are lightly browned.



Watch cookies vanish like Cinderella and her attendants!
Great for a midnight-I’m-jet lagged-therefore-can-indulge-snack.

What is your favourite cookie?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. These look easy and delicious – a perfect combination!

  2. Love the cookie name, and they look pretty darn good!

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