Gong xi fa cai!

Last Friday I signed up for a field trip. Not one with a gaggle of school kids, but one with sprightly seniors.

The centre I volunteer with at Boon Keng, was organizing a trip to China town.

Here they are, tossing the Yusheng!


Thin strips of carrots, cucumber, green and white radish, chopped peanuts and strips of raw fish were melded together with oil, plum sauce and crackers and tossed together with chopsticks. The higher you toss the greater your fortune for the year ahead. So we had a very enthusiastic group tossing as high as they could!
This was followed by lunch and then a trip to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.








Here they are exhausted and ready to board the bus after a fun filled jaunt!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tahny says:

    Oh my, what great pictures! I’m so glad you shared what you see. Amazing world we live in, thanks for the reminder.

    The seniors’ faces are so sweet…

    1. radhika25 says:

      Thank you Tahny! I feel a sense of awe each week when I meet them.

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