Burger and Fries

Nope! This is not a recipe for making a burger and frying crinkle cut potato chips. I don’t teach you how to make mustard and home made tomato ketchup. Or even how to whip up sesame buns in half an hour.

I just want to help you make it— in Cake! Yup….you heard me right. In cake.

What you need:
White/yellow cakes 2
Chocolate cake 1
Fondant in brown, green, yellow, red, white
Buttercream plain
Buttercream in bright yellow for the mustard
Buttercream or royal icing in bright red for the ketchup

My burger bun was made with two lemon cakes. One baked in an 8″ round tin; and one baked in a bowl, also 8″ in diameter to get the curved shape with no carving. And I made a chocolate cake 3/4″ high, for the patty.

I started with the bottom layer of the burger, covered it with lemon buttercream and a layer of fondant tinted pale brown.


Working with green fondant, I created some curly lettuce leaves and stuck them in place with a touch of water. Once the lettuce is in place, place the chocolate cake on the bottom layer with a generous daub of buttercream to hold it in place.
Add cheese slices in yellow. Using a ball tool, make some depressions in the cheese triangles.


Then come the tomato slices- semicircles in red, and a dollop of mustard along the edges. You only need to put your decorations along the edges- this ain’t a real burger ;)
Next make your brown fondant darker for the top. Cover your curved cake with buttercream and then with the darker fondant. Place on the chocolate layer with buttercream holding it in place.

Once your cake is ready add the little touches that make it come alive- sesame seeds made of white fondant on top, potato chips with the remaining brown fondant, and tiny tubs of mustard and ketchup!
My board was covered with red and white striped paper. I hate wasting fondant, covering the board- something that never gets eaten anyway.
And in a moment of inspiration I decided that the birthday girl’s name should be spilled ketchup.



If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


21 thoughts on “Burger and Fries

  1. Radhika, I am so, so impressed! Incredible! I am sure the little girl must’ve been so, so impressed and amazed by her cake. Kudos for your skills, lovely! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your lovely family xx

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  3. Hi! The cake looks great! Just wondering what fondant and buttercream did you use? I used ganache and when i covered the cake with fondant, before i can smooth it out, the ganache melted and the fondant got stuck and tore!

    • Hi Cherie,

      I’ve been in the same boat! Learned a lot in the last year and a half.

      Are you in a warm/ humid place? You have to work with the air con running continuously to keep the ganache firm.

      Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, ask away!


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