Nina’s Birthday Party/新菜のお誕生日会

I’m sharing Miyuki’s post with all of you. Gosh! I’ve been away for a month!

Duel Languages

I’m not a big birthday party person.  I know, I have two toddlers, but I am just not a big birthday party girl.  That’s always the difficult thing with kids.  How to make it THEIR day, but a day where the parents don’t go completely insane.  At Nina’s day care, it seems like most parents just do a small party at the school, then one later with just family. Since most of Nina’s close friends are from her school, I decided to make her school party THE party.  I asked her teachers if they could set aside an hour or so for Nina’s birthday party.  Nina is currently in N1 (she’s moving up to N2 after her birthday) but a lot of her friends are in N2, so I requested to do her party with both classes.  That’s about 24 kids.

I picked a gender neutral theme, Dragons, so all…

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  1. Deepa says:

    What a cute dragon! I can imagine how much Radhika must have enjoyed making this cute monster.;-)
    I really enjoyed reading Miyuki’s article in Japanese and remembered my trips to Tokyo-hands, 100 yen shop to collect art and craft things when my son was growing up. Miyuki, I am glad you found Radhika to make your daughter’s birthday very special.

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