Happiness is…….sharing what you love!

If I weren’t a baker, I’d be a teacher! 

And being able to share and teach my love for desserts is what gives me joy. Being able to make lighter versions of comfort foods. Being able to make gelatine free versions of beloved desserts like panna cottas and chocolate mousses. And finally making eggless avatars of traditionally eggy desserts.

Yesterday’s workshop featured 4 desserts and their lighter, “healthier” versions!

This is a Rosemilk panna cotta made the traditional way, with gelatine.


A layer of Rose syrup glazes the top. With dried organic rose petals.

And here is a lighter, gelatine free version.


Delicate and with the mesmerising wobble of the traditional panna cotta!


Bailey’s Chocolate mousse with meringue.


Lemon-Rosemary Serradura.


Lemony and light, with amazing textures.


Apple-berry crumble with a gluten-free topping.

Come and be addicted!

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  1. I love those desserts, the rose Panna Cotta would be such a creamy and beautiful Valentines Day dessert, it sounds and looks wonderful as does everything, the Baileys mousse and the lemon rosemarry dessert. I would love any of them!!

    1. radhika25 says:

      Thank you Suzanne! Its great to be back…..and find old friends!

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